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Быть может, со временем здесь появятся тексты всех песен/стихов Константина Кинчева и Петра Самойлова, однако поскольку найти их сейчас можно достаточно просто, то хочется обратить ваше внимание лишь на то, чего вы пока еще, наверняка, не видели.

Итак, нижеследующее - плод трудов некоего Захара Василюка, мне незнакомого, однако труды эти, без сомнений, заслуживают вашего внимания.

Moonlight waltz - перевод песни "Лунный вальс"
Small theater forgotten by all
Kerosene lamp glare on walls
Heard in the sky are voices of those
Whom I've loved and have waited for

Music's calling me upwards
I'm already on the rooftops
We are dancing Moonlight Waltz
Even though you're asleep and I'm not

Down there, underneath
Snow melts, snow melts
Down, underneath
Snow melts

Hundreds of candles long light
Thousands of eyes, eyes
I'm beginning to play the game
When it is one o'clock at night

Small theater forgotten by all
Kerosene lamp glare on walls
Still are heard in the sky voices of those
Whom I've loved and have waited for

And again, underneath
Snow melts, snow melts
Down, underneath
Every time, every time
Snow melts
White crane - перевод песни "Стерх"
Where by hand of a monkey a link between the bird and the sun is severed
Where strawberries, stars and bones are spread all over meadows
Where mists like the silt are sharing with ferns the secrets of depths
Where chiding's like prayer—there lies my path

Where trees intertwine in the chronicle of words by echo of onset
Where the Verses of woods are encoded by mouth of arson
Where the road runs away, the blackness of night, and the restless affairs
Where from under an icon shine knives—there lies my path

Where dawns frolic in coughing puddles and bathe inside wells of yards
Where the spring rain is marrying frost in the brown mud
Where at night with no sleep a gulp will reward a day that just passed
Where a cross is for sale to buy booze—there lies my path

Where the hope for the sunshine is hidden in thicketly singing
Where upon spokes of thunder Storm-Queen in wild dance she is leading
Where the moon's hanging over my head like a leech on my face
Where in circle love is passed around—there lies my path

Where the horses of Wanderer-Wind with the milk of the East quenched their thirst
Where kilometers crawl over roadways to death camps from signpost to signpost
Where up to knees in tears, and with blood up to throat Earth endures cooling rest
Where the crucifix is under a boot—there lies my path

Where silence resembles thundering of a herd—freedom under hooves lies
Where sunsets are sparked by a gilded bridge between the pain and the skies
Where prophets are careless and easily swayed like mirrorpanes
Where a toilet's a temple for some—there lies my path

I raise my eyes to the sky which sends down the rain
My song is a wounded white crane . . .
Cardboard house - перевод песни "Картонный дом"
I am now alone and like sweat I washed myself of all the lies
I'm cleaner now but the lies have left traces behind
I wanted so for the cloud to take and carry me off
But I in vain tried to catch clouds from beyond the closed window

And now the squabble's on its way
All raking towards their domains
Look! Somebody fell
At their house light is always on
They're thrilled by ringing of the coins
New scandal again
There pawns aspire to be queens
The sixes’ hunt for kings begins
That's path that they chose
But long is empty their game
And their bonfire has burned away
And my case is closed

There you see the chess king
And there's an ace of diamonds
Let's see which one of them will have won
And never mind blood spilled
It's just a little wine
And their cardboard house doesn't burn

I abandoned sleep and I'll party and I'll laugh 'til I cry
Night lies and moon like a dog is howling this song of mine
I'm mercury ball and my light bears more poison than gas
I'm cleaner now than a toilet with abundance of guests

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© 1983-2002 Алиса, Кинчев / 2002 Сергей Щемелев